Case Studies



An interactive app prototype for a task-sharing application. This case study outlines each step of the design process, from task flows straight through to the final product.

Cover image for Reciprocl, an app prototype

Knife Knowledge 101


A design system that takes Knifewear’s Knife Knowledge 101 to the next level as an interactive learning guide. See the full prototype and its development in this case study.

Toeless Joes


A freelance branding project for a young artist’s illustration collection. This case study outlines the creation of a revamped brand, as well as personalized business cards.

Cover image for Toeless Joes, a branding project
Cover image for A Walk in the Rain, a motion graphics piece

Motion Reel 2021

Motion Graphics

A collection of my best works from the last three years studying motion graphics, set to a soundtrack uniquely composed and recorded by yours truly for this reel.

Covid-19 Illustrated

Illustration, Motion Graphics, UI/UX

A multifaceted project using the central theme of Covid-19 as the base for three works: an isometric illustration, an animated gif, and an interactive Covid-19 guide.

Cover Image for Covid-19 Illustrated, an isometric illustration