Covid-19 Illustrated

Illustration, Motion Graphics, UI/UX | 2020

Project Brief

The goal of this project was to create an isometric illustration in Adobe Illustrator depicting the process of avoiding Covid-19. It is a compilation of a number of ideas and methods—some common and serious; and some more tongue-in-cheek—unified with a bright and fun colour palette. The making of this work was a key step in creating a fun foundation for several other pandemic themed works also presented in this study.

Cover Image for Covid-19 Illustrated, an isometric illustration


The early sketch of this central isometric work—done in Procreate—was based around a winding platform with small characters surrounded by iconography representative of different tips for avoiding Covid-19, all focused around the central pillar of the toilet paper package boldly labeled “STAY CALM”.

My personal favourite parts of this work were the household bubbles, and the gloryhole tucked away at the base of the illustration as an homage to the hilariously well received ‘Covid-19 and Sex‘ article by the BC Centre for Disease Control.


Once early sketches of this work were approved, production began in Illustrator. In selecting colours for this work, the goal was to create a peachy sunset-style background with central structure items in a candy-turquoise and deep teal, followed by accents in mustardy yellows and bright red to help add contrast.
The characters were a particular challenge to create. Giving them a consistent look as they wandered through the Covid-scape was a priority. They were kept relatively dark on the value scale to help them pop visually across the work.
As much as I’d like to take credit for intentional design here, the absolutely hapless and helpless look of surrender in their beady little eyes was entirely a happy accident. I think we could all relate at some point or another with this look in 2020, so I kept it.

Additional Works

This central illustration got to shine as a foundational asset for some Motion and UI work as well! It was a wonderful base for a project in the creation of a looping GIF, where its little characters got put in motion finding their way through the testing tent.
Also coming soon are an interactive graphic that will display statistics and tips in more detail centered around the imagery of Covid-19 Illustrated; as well as a delightful postcard that harnesses Augmented Reality technology to put the illustration into motion and that will direct users to the interactive work. Keep your eyes peeled!


The decision to flip the layout of the winding structure central to the piece was made to improve the narrative flow of the process: starting up at the household bubbles, continuing with a thorough handwash and mask-wearing advisory, socially distanced time away from home, through the food-delivery and safe-sanitation hospital platform, down past the testing tent, and a quick stop at the gloryhole before home!
Additionally, to my absolute dismay, I found out that my new monitor had been showing me a severely de-saturated version of my work, making it blindingly bright once I brought the final image down to my laptop screen. A few adjustment layers later, and voila the final work was ready to submit! Lesson learned.

A Word from the Designer

We feel you little buddy, we feel you.