UI/UX | 2020

Project Brief

The aim of this project was to develop a concept and for an iOS app that could be easily integrated with the use of smart home technology. The concept explored in the following study is ‘Reciprocl’, a task sharing app that helps users keep track of whose turn it might be for a given task, and to record turns between participants.
The goal—in integration with smart home technology—would be to pair the application with a voice-controlled device to easily record turns while performing shared household chores. With this in mind, it was important to also create something that could easily be applied to tasks outside the home.
Cover image for Reciprocl, an app prototype

Design Thinking

To begin the development process, a specific set of primary tasks and functions for the app were established. The primary task for Reciprocl would be to record a turn taken by a given participant on a shared task. Supplementary tasks included adding and editing participants using a unique 6-digit code; editing and creating tasks with several participants; and tracking a history of turns taken by participants on a given task.
To begin, each task’s flow was mapped out to determine which steps users would need to take in order to successfully accomplish each task, and key friction points were identified along the way. These task flows culminated in the creation of high-fidelity prototypes and an interaction design outline to more clearly explain each step and available interaction as users navigated their use of the app.


Once an interaction design outline was approved and high-fidelity prototypes reviewed, production on a refined interactive prototype was begun in Adobe Xd, with final adjustments based on feedback. At this stage, with most of the groundwork laid, it was a matter of pulling things into place and making necessary changes to improve usability and accessibility.
This process culminated in the creation of an animated prototype which outlined the primary task for the app, as well as an additional supplementary task to help flesh out Reciprocl’s function more clearly.


Effectively using space in an interface is often a challenge for designs that aim to include a large collection of features and functions. With this in mind, the goal of Reciprocl was to keep its available tasks simple and straightforward.
A significant change based on feedback received during this project was the inclusion of a bottom nav tray to help users find their way to key navigation points more easily—without having to regularly access them through a separately launched menu. Additionally, the point size of the smallest body copy was increased in order to be more considerate and mindful of readability issues that may arise.
I loved looking back on this project to see how improvements in my workflow and skill set while prototyping in Adobe Xd over the last two years have helped me keep documents trimmed down and more efficient. This has been a long journey from 60-90 page prototypes! As I begin to explore the process of coding applications, I would love for this to be the first project I attempt to bring to life for real world usage.

Final Product

Enjoy this video walk-through of the completed interactive app prototype. This clip showcases the task flow of launching the app, recording a turn, checking the history, and editing a participant’s unique 6-digit code before saving changes.

A Word from the Designer

This concept was developed for the sole purpose of weaponizing against my friends so I can treat them to more ice cream and lunches.