Toeless Joes

Branding | 2020

Project Brief

The goal of this freelance commission was to create black & white logo and business card designs for Toeless Joes, a burgeoning collection on Instagram by a young artist who has been building a portfolio of hilarious feminist themed doodles, with the goal of someday creating a line of merchandise printed with their artworks.

Cover image for Toeless Joes, a branding project


To start, we sat down remotely for a meeting to identify their values and look over sketches and work that they had created. Their goofy style and quaintly-wacky look were key features to capture in their brand identity!

In some early sketching and development for their logo, I based the logotype strongly on an iteration of their own handwritten sketches with varied upper and lowercase characters.

For their logo, I reproduced imagery based around the signature socks over hairy legs found across their collection.


Once these designs were complete and approved, a few variations on a business card were laid out. In creating the business card design, I wanted to highlight one of my favourite features of their work: their characters’ signature hairy-legged look.

To emulate this style, each business card design was tick-marked to create the appearance of a tattoo of their brand on one of their characters’ hairy legs.


Creating design that is flexible to multiple formats and applications is always a priority. Figuring out how to best present Toeless Joes’ identity knowing that it would likely have a great many applications across print and digital media was a really wonderful challenge to explore. I was thrilled that my client fell in love with the design, and it sparked a lot of confidence moving into the next freelance projects that fell into place with referrals from this one!

A Word from the Designer

Socks off to you, Joe!